One of the interesting aspects of outdoor patio design is that there really are no rules. Outdoor patios are considered personal spaces, and as such, you have a ton of latitude when it comes to personalizing your outdoor patio design. We have here just a few ideas to liven up your outdoor patio design for 2021.

Use Your Outdoor Patio Design To Create New Spaces


By defining the function of each area of your patio your outdoor patio design can effectively create new spaces within the original space. Consider a seating area comprised of a coffee or accent table with a few chairs or a couch facing in one direction with a dining table and chairs near it but opposite the direction the seating area is facing. You have effectively split your existing patio into an outdoor living room with a separate dining room. Each of these spaces can be decorated differently but using a coordinated color palette, making the outdoor patio design cohesive yet unique.

Flex Your Design Muscles

There is no rule that says your patio furniture has to be the same plain wicker seating that all of your neighbors have, consider going over the top with your furnishings to make a statement. Consider the impact that this covered outdoor day bed sectional will have on your outdoor patio design. A brightly patterned round area rug could provide a colorfully contrasting dash of color to this space, and the addition of a contemporary outdoor dimmable floor lamp allows your outdoor patio design to work well with both festive daytime and intimate evening events.

Let’s Talk About Lighting

Nothing creates outdoor patio design ambiance like the proper lighting. If your patio is covered, replace the plain ceiling light with a fancy candelabra style chandelier. Another idea for lighting a space such as this is to stretch a set of LED net lights across the patio. Attach the net lights so that there is some slack in the netting, and then secure the net to the patio cover at selected points to create a slightly three dimensional effect. This can be even more dramatic when used on one corner of the patio and accented by tea lights scattered across surfaces on the entire patio.

Go Tropical

Even in the most urban environment your outdoor space can convey a feeling reminiscent of the tropics with the proper outdoor patio design. Add a hammock or hanging chair to your design and surround it with green leafy plants. Seasonal flowering plants with brightly colored blooms are perfect for this. For an even more tropical flair, augment your outdoor patio design with furnishings made from bamboo. To top it all off, consider draping sheer white voiles around the patio. This is a great addition hang between the columns of covered patios, but is even more dramatic for open patios. Try stringing the voiles between shepherds hook plant hangers with a gently tied knot at the bottom to allow the to sway seductively in the breeze.

Get Colorful

One of the easiest ways to add some zest to your outdoor patio design is to splash color everywhere. Combining brightly colored pillows, richly patterned rugs, and other colorful accent pieces and contrasting these with outdoor patio furniture which features natural wood construction and understated fabric colors can have the effect of making your outdoor patio design visually appealing and therefore very inviting. This design aesthetic is guaranteed to imbue your outdoor patio design with a unique character all its own.

Use one of these ideas or combine aspects of all of them to create an outdoor patio design that is a reflection of your personality. As we said earlier, we consider outdoor patios very personal spaces, and therefore it is vital that your outdoor patio is designed to allow you a calm, comfortable, and relaxing escape from the world beyond.