It will soon be that time of year again when the warmer weather and longer days of the outdoors beckon. If you, like many people, did not spend this past spring and summer enjoying the company of good friends at outdoor patio bars and sidewalk cafes due to the pandemic, then you have probably resolved not to repeat that in 2021.

Since the pandemic caused a lot of people to rediscover their homes, and because we are not quite out of the woods yet, we here at Modern Outdoor Patio Design have a few simple suggestions to transform your simple outdoor patio design into a more modern outdoor patio design that will allow you to comfortably and stylishly spend time outdoors while remaining at home. Once things get back to normal, you will not only have a sleek modern outdoor patio design that you can enjoy but one you will look forward to inviting guests to enjoy as well.

Add some contemporary outdoor patio furniture

The simple addition of a stylish outdoor patio furniture set set can be an inexpensive way to create a cozy yet modern outdoor patio design out of even the plainest slab of concrete. Consider this 4 piece outdoor patio furniture set for less than $200 as an example. Options for outdoor patio furniture range from a simple set of chairs with an accent table to sectional couches. Either way, the addition of comfortable and contemporary outdoor patio furniture can help to define your modern outdoor patio design. Combining outdoor patio furniture elements, such as a couch or set of chairs with a coffee table with a dining set behind them forms two distinct spaces from one. This trend in modern outdoor patio design has the added advantage of making your outdoor patio space seem larger.

Add a splash of color

Now that you have chosen the outdoor patio furniture that will form the foundation of your modern outdoor patio design, liven it up with colorful accents. Bright, colorful pillows are always a nice touch, but have you also considered an outdoor rug? Rugs with bold patterns can offer a dramatic contrast to non-patterned furniture. Coordinating the colors of your pillows with those of the rug pattern will create a cohesive design as well as further define the space. And since we’re talking about color, potted flowering plants are an excellent way to accent your modern outdoor patio design, especially if you are decorating a condominium or apartment patio or deck.

Add a cover

Most picture a pergola when thinking of covering a patio, but if your budget won’t allow that consider a pop-up gazebo. Pop-up gazebos are inexpensive, easy to assemble, and add utility to your modern outdoor patio design. The vast array of available colors and styles open many options for easily covering your patio space as well as providing protection from the sun and insects. Another modern outdoor patio design trend that can add a contemporary touch to any outdoor patio is a suspended sun shade. This option works great for decks and larger sun shades can be incorporated shade all or part of a pool.

Add Some Accent Lighting

Whether you have a cover or not, decorative LED string lights can give your modern outdoor patio design a very distinctive look. In addition to being extremely adaptable to nearly any outdoor space, most LED light sets offer color and dimmer options to help create the perfect atmosphere. Transitioning from a bright festive look to something softer and more romantic is as simple as turning a dial. Light strings can be draped onto outdoor patio furniture, suspended from your gazebo, or interlaced within the branches and leaves of potted plants. Outdoor LED light strings strung around outdoor patios that are not covered are a great modern outdoor patio design option as they can define the space and create the illusion of a “top” while still allowing a view of the evening sky.

These simple suggestions can turn a plain patio into a festive example of modern outdoor patio design. The best thing about these outdoor patio design ideas is the fact that they can work for nearly every budget. All of these elements can be added to your modern outdoor patio design for less than $500. Here are a few ideas:

And this leaves almost $50.00 in our $500.00 budget to add nice, non-artificial flowering potted plants. So there you have it, modern outdoor patio design in 2021 for less than $500.