Winter is winding down and pretty soon you’re going to want to spend some time on your outdoor patio or deck. These times will be even more enjoyable with the addition of a few close friends. If this is what you envision for summer evenings spent on your outdoor patio then consider how much more appealing your outdoor patio design will be with the addition of a patio bar.

Contrary to what many believe including a bar in your outdoor patio design is not something just for the rich and does not require you to hire anyone to build it. If you have some basic skills, you can include an attractive and unique patio bar in your outdoor patio design as a fun and easy D-I-Y project.

The featured image for this blog post was a bit of a spoiler, as we are going to talk about ideas for constructing a patio bar made primarily of cinder blocks. This is not a complicated project, so we’re not going to spend a lot of time going through the steps to complete the project. Instead, refer to the video below to begin your research on how this is done and to get an idea of how easy this project is.

What we will actually focus on here is how versatile and downright cool this project is. Remember when you were a kid playing with Legos? The different types of structures you could build was only limited by your imagination. Building a patio bar from cinder blocks is not very different.

To begin with, there are several types of decorative cinder blocks available from either home improvement stores or retailers of supplies for landscaping. Even if you choose to go with basic, plain old, run of the mill cinder blocks, you can still decorate them. Of course the easiest decoration would be to simply paint them, but you can take this a step further by using paint templates to add intricate patterns and designs either directly to the cinder blocks themselves or on top of a different base color.

Another idea to beautify the cinder blocks is to add fpotted plants or floral wall sconces. These can be added to the front of the bar supports and filled with a Creeping Jenny or Purple Heart plant to add a living natural component to your outdoor patio design for a beautifully colored bar accent.

However, if you’re worried about your cinder block bar looking out of place, keep in mind that cinder blocks can be used in many ways. Your bar won’t look out of place if it’s not the only piece of cinder block furniture on your patio.

The bar counter is another place where you can display your creativity. If you’re handy and comfortable working with wood, then the possibilities for your bar counter are nearly endless. Tile is another option you can use to add a beautiful and unique counter to your outdoor patio bar. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never worked with tile before, this does not require nearly the amount of skill necessary to tile a floor. A bar counter that measures two feet by six feet covered with twelve inch tiles will only require 12 tiles. Use 1×4 white pine for the front and side trim and you’ve got a great looking bar counter.

You also have the option to add shelves to your bar, so in the design phase take this into account. The type and orientation of the cinder blocks you use will depend on the number of options you intend to add to your bar, so take your time in the planning phase. Making a few sketches and considering exactly how you will want to use your bar will make the construction much easier.

There is one note of caution regarding a cinder block bar, however. These are cinder blocks. They are heavy and could easily injure you or one of your guests if your bar is unstable. In the video above the craftsperson uses ample amounts of concrete glue to make sure the cinder blocks remain stable, make sure you do the same. As you are constructing your bar pause periodically to allow the glue to cure and test the cinder blocks for stability before continuing.

There you have it, an easy do it yourself project that can completely change the look and feel of your outdoor patio design. Once you complete this project, there is a very strong chance you will think of other elements you can build this same way, such as benches and planters, to add even more character to your outdoor patio design. Remember, the only limit is your imagination.